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Treatment with integrity and engagement

The more persistent your ear, nose or throat malady, the more you’ll value what makes Dr. Thomas Dobleman different from other specialty practitioners. Initially, you’ll notice an active and informed engagement with your symptoms; in your first interview, Dr. Dobleman’s questions will be wide ranging, vigorous and vibrant. This is just the beginning of a remarkable relationship…

Pragmatic: Scan and tests are important, but often over-used. As Dr. Dobleman collects background on your situation, you can trust him to schedule scans and X rays only when they flesh out the painful and mysterious “story that is waiting to be read” inside n your ear, nose or throat passages.

DeepView: Dr. Dobleman’s team utilizes proprietary technology and tools to peer deeply into the cranial “nooks and crannies” that hold the secret to your dis-ease. As he oversees each procedure, he’s asking himself, “Does this situation deserve a medical or surgical solution?” Through the DeepView diagnostic system, specific answers emerge, stepping out of the darkness.

Meaning: When initial tests and evaluations are complete, you’ll want to know what they mean. Here, you’ll appreciate Dr. Dobleman’s unique ability to explain your problem in understandable terms. He’ll help you grasp the severity of your situation and give you a range of treatment scenarios. Choices will be explained at a pace you can grasp. Unlike some doctors, Dr. Dobleman uses metaphor and imagery to communicate complex diagnoses. Technical descriptions are infused with wisdom and insight. Science and spirit become one.

Double-down: Often, in the treatment of ENT symptoms, there are “redundant” or overlapping issues. While one problem is being resolved, another, more serious issue may present itself. Dr. Tom Dobleman will help you manage this two-headed monster, evaluating priorities and providing a clear path forward in the midst of confusion or even denial.

This is when Dr. Dobleman’s professional leadership becomes evident. This is when his resolve and fundamental talent for healing create the “margin of difference.”

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