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Propel Stent

When sinusitis doesn’t respond to medication, other treatments such as surgery, may eventually be necessary.  For patients needing sinus surgery, Dr. Dobleman is proud to introduce a new technology that helps the recovery process go more seamlessly.

The dissolvable PROPEL Steroid-Releasing Implant is the first in a new category of products offering localized, controlled delivery of steroid directly to the sinus tissue to maintain the openings created in surgery. The spring-like implants gradually deliver an advanced steroid with anti-inflammatory directly to the sinus lining, then dissolve into the body following endoscopic sinus surgery. The stent keeps the sinus cavities open, without using packing gauze.  This allows patients to breathe easier and avoid the pain and discomfort of packing.

PROPEL provides meaningful benefits to patients:

PROPEL maintains the opening that was created during surgery.  This means:

  • Reduced post-operative scarring and adhesions, which is essential to improve long-term outcomes
  • Reduced need for oral steriods
  • Less painful than gauze and packing.

Learn more about the PROPEL stent at mysiniusitis.com.

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PROPEL stent implant helps ease sinus surgery recovery.



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